Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow the parentals arrive back from Far Far Away. What does this mean? The beginning, friends. Likelier than not, a giant turn-around in eating is coming down the pike. My mom has gotten a hold of The Coconut Diet. I feel like the police:

Have you seen this book?

My mom has. I skimmed the majority of it the second day of its stay in our home. She took it with her on the trip. It spells rather awful news for this recently discovered sugar-lover. Long story short, some of the materials I have been reading point to the sugary foods of my childhood as culprit for feeding my autoimmune symptoms for years. Nuts! A lack of sugar sends me packin for bread, chocolate chips, or gum by the next day, I have realized. Bum deal. Luckily, I can be cured…!

Cured, meaning more than likely an abstinence from the sweet stuff for a while so that everything can get balanced again. Cured? I may have to mourn the loss. This is a woman who enjoys the world of baking. Vicious blow, my powdery white substance.


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