Have You Met Rachel?

Looks like a mad science experiment in the kitchen, right? One might ask where the electro-shock machine is hiding, given the mysterious plug outlet.

No worries, darling. This is merely the makings of a beautiful twin to the Reuben sandwich. Ever heard of the Rachel??

How to Make Up a Rachel Sandwich:

—sprouted bread—
2oz beef pastrami
slice of grass-fed swiss
—sprouted bread—

Make sure to toast this in a skillet with a smidge of quality butter before you serve with your other fermented favorite- the kosher dill pickle! Noting my diet preferences, there is a need for another vegetable: I pick… the carrot. Definitely a winner lunch menu. Originally, I wanted to make Reubens, but no corned beef at Giado’s for the next two weeks. (Awww) 2oz of pastrami it is! My fridge testifies to this purchase, since the whole thing smells like pastrami. Most likely because I have no shmancy deli drawer.

Someday, I will be rich enough to have that deli drawer.

Until then, enjoy a wonderful Sunday afternoon- YYLady


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