Mo Money

Been a while since I typed, huh? Yep. A change in plans, friends.

Between the move and all the drama, the status of the Coconut Diet is TBA, lovelies, TBA. In the meantime, I am eating like I plan to post-diet. Weird way to go about it, I know. Even though I will likely not receive all the nutritional benefits, due to my sorry state of affairs in the body, it is much better than feeding myself junk in the name of botched plans, right?

To begin, I thought you should know my weekly budget for all my food (bfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages) is $70 (roughly $3.15 a meal, and two 98 cent snacks). I can probably get it down much more when I start into making my own stuff, but until then, I spend mo money. What did I buy with $70 this week? Let me share (org = organic):

1 each org red & green bell pepper
2 org head romaine
2 lb org baby carrots
6 org corn cobs
1 bunch org parsley
1 jar org kosher dill pickles
1 jar org sauerkraut
6 org peaches
3 lb org black grapes
8 slices org, grass-fed-source swiss
12oz pastrami
6 org sprouted tortillas
1 can each org black and red kidney beans
1 can coconut milk
1 jar red curry paste

Wish I looked that fabulous buying it! In case you do not know, my food philosophy treats meals as medicine. When I buy food, I am looking for the best medicine out there. This is why I buy organic, grass-fed, etc. How do I save money doing this? Couple things:

I buy… locally produced, in season, fruits and vegetables.
I list… fruits as a number on my grocery list, buying what is on sale.
I limit… meat intake to one to two meals per day, preferring eggs.
I choose… the simplest recipes, easily turned into multi-meals and sandwiches.
I compare… prices on every item, because cents add up to cover taxes.
I stick to my list and meal-plan to maximize efficiency.
There you have it.

Menu Plan for the Week:
Bfast- Fried Egg
Snack – Peach or Grapes
Lunch – Rachel sandwich + pickle + carrots
Snack – Peach or Grapes
Dinner – Spicy Curry Burrito + salad w dressing

Super excited for spicy! If only I had the time to make feasible variety… too bad I am a summer transfer student. 😉 Pictures up tomorrow.


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