Itch for Travel

My selection of a curried dish for dinner this week is totally a longing for international travel again. On my previous website for this blog, I enjoyed lots of authentic (and one not-so-authentic) South Indian style meals, Vietnamese curry dishes, as well as a smattering of other cuisine. Hong Kong made my study abroad experience epic

Coming home today, I felt absolutely ravenous after an hour cycle class. Never underestimate the middle-aged- my fellow cyclists put me to shame! Needless to say, I prepared the coconut curried burro in a snap, having cooked a large batch of filling on Sunday night. Tomorrow, I will have pictures. Promise.

In the meantime, I thought it might be interesting to point out a few benefits for those who like it HOT and particularly South-Asian:
1. Capsaicin, major in the make-up of chilis, might not only boost your metabolism, but also throw a giant endorphin party in your body!

2. Ginger is a known stomach-settler, but did you know it can counteract pain as well? It thins the blood, so people of the desert (like myself) love the way this firey friend aids the cause for cool.

3. Curry includes a mass amount of turmeric: a spice with chutzpah. A dash of this and guess what? Your liver comes out clean and rarin to go.

These are just a few of the spices you might learn to love. Oh, and did I mention that curry is often paired with the bliss known as coconut milk? Super fatty, but super healthy. Those medium chains (fats) won’t be dragging themselves behind you like a bad pair of jeans tomorrow. Eating this fat actually helps your body lose excess fat. Need I say more, loves?

Get spicy and do tell your favorite dish! 🙂

*images: travel, spoon, spices


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