Coconut Curried Burro

Yesterday, I knew I wanted to post. I knew what I wanted to post about too.

Haha, then I passed out early (9pm) before I ever touched the blog. My wrong, lovelies. Here’s the reasons why:

6:15a – Good Lord! Why is chem lab so wicked early in the morning?? *sigh* Frying breakfast – means you have to keep your eyes open.

8:00a – Hmmm… our chem lab involves burning off ammonium chloride with a live fire? This could be a rather dangerous endeavor, given the circumstances. Oh well, here goes.

9:20a – Did not die lighting the burner with the infamous “striker” contraption. Check. Now to wait for the water to boil on the bunsen burner for part three of the experiment…

9:30a – …waiting…

9:40a – ….what on Earth….broken bunsen….

Chem lecture did not kill me off, and the 2 rounds of peanut butter fury smacked with grapes afterwards gave me the lift I needed after 4 hours of chemistry. In fact, I felt invigorated (adrenaline-activated) enough for a cycling class! Someone should have stopped me at that point. Hm hm hm.

Oh well. At least the butt-kicking cycle class (of a lifetime) counts as a victory for all things healthy exercise? Afterwards, I could not contain myself. Starving. Thankfully, I recalled the need for pictures:

I realize this is not the most attractive-looking image. However, it serves as the perfect example of food affectionately known for taste, not appearance, aka delicious mush. This mush has a recipe, so if you happen to be a creamy curry-mush-lover: click here to enjoy this recipe

After getting up early, the brain-drained, booty-kicked me fell asleep before handing off the promised photo and recipe. I lost in favor of sleep. There you have it loves. Now I am off to yoga and night class!

Affectionately Yours, YYLady

Tell me YOUR fave mystery dish or what your curry story!

*images: egg, bicycle


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