Single Love

Ripping through internet pages like mad yester-night, I came upon a punchy realization: there is no love for single dinner-makers out there! Some of you might be thinking, “Well, leftovers are pretty normal Epstein…” But wait- I think there may be something to this.

If you make a meal for four, and plan on leftovers, this means you are eating the same thing for lunch & dinner the next day, plus lunch/dinner the following day. Or maybe you choose instead to stretch it out for variety and have the same dinner for the next 3 nights… Or perhaps lunch for the next three afternoons. Lunch does not seem so bad, but the point arises again when you look towards tomorrow night’s dinner recipe for 4 and how to split that up. Even though dinners may be frozen, it is hard to defrost something with whole foods in it, and not have an issue with soggy.

I guess what I am saying is… cooking for one, using whole foods, and sticking to a strict budget is tough, mostly due to the need (yes, I could not help, but cave this week) for variety. In my opinion, dinner is where it counts most, since that is when I have the most time to cook (spare). Sunday nights are reserved especially for the cooking extravaganza. πŸ™‚ And writing a rough draft like mad.

How do you all do it? Big batches of fabulous freezer recipes? Any tips on internet recipe searching or cookbooks for the single and desperate? Hahahaha. Desperate for dinner, loves. If anyone has suggestions or more important, recipes (!) that refrigerate well and/or serve 2-3, those would be deeply appreciated. Later today, I will show you the meal plan I managed for the week.

Til then, it appears I am stuck with the prospects of living off of afternoon tea. Luckily that serves one! πŸ™‚

Tea time, YYLady

*images: heart dish, thinker, bananas, macaroons


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