Beauties and the List

Sometimes, the dawn brings with it a wicked appetite. This morning certainly taught me the virtue of patience in light of hunger pains, but did not breakfast turn out lovely? In order to make perfectly boiled eggs (and by perfect, I mean scrumptious the first trial), I rely on this method. Marvelous.

Delightful and pretty, a wonderful way to begin the week. I will not lie and pretend the steam failed to keep my pretty little face alert this morning. I needed all the help I could get; certainly someone else has done this too?

Much like waking up this morning, I also felt like this week’s groceries commanded a head-palm- I realized this afternoon I did not even need the garlic for this week. Luckily, feelings like these are remedied with Sunday Afternoon Tea.

Grocery List:
12 eggs
20 rice wrappers
3 bananas
12T almond butter (16 oz jar)
6c + 8 leaves Butter lettuce (2 head)
6 apples
1c cilantro
chili garlic sauce (jar of dipping sauce)
1.5lb ground turkey
3T shallots (2)
1.3lb Red and Green BP (1 red, 2 green)
6oz raw goat cheese
12oz cremini/italian mushrooms (Baby Bella suffice)
312g frozen spinach
1 jar minced ginger
1 jar minced garlic

For this afternoon, the most amazing tea I know. After all, what good is comfort tea unless naturally sweetened by black licorice? (ha! en gaurde, sugar dear.)

One of the best teas and one you can rely on as a high quality gift. Unless the individual does not prefer a sweetened tea, this treat tops the list.

Until it’s tea for two, YYLady

*images: plane runner, tea


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