She’s Got Plans

As promised, here lies this week’s meal plan:

Bfast: 2 boiled eggs
Snack: apple
Lunch: Almond butter & Banana Wrappers w/ salad and dressing
Snack: baby carrots
Dinner (choices): 2 Spicy Asian Chicken Cups OR 3 Shroomer Wraps

Decisions, decisions… This week totally bought it at the store. Prices? Please. I mean, this is brutal. Most likely, this week’s spree over budget happened because I needed so many different sauces and jars. I cannot wait to be back to family buying power. Speaking of which,

my family not only sold our home in a slim 4 days BUT we also signed for a new home this afternoon. Cross your fingers that all works out well. Hopefully this time next month, the Coconut Diet will appear in action. My sugar cravings have already reared their ugly little heads

because they know I’m weak! …and also a sucker for cute. Isn’t this simply adorable? Who could say no?

Anyways, I will post my grand list of shopping tomorrow so you can see what treacherous shopping I mean when I mention those “jars.” Perhaps even a picture of my fridge to keep you entertained. It really does look like a family of one, lol.

Ta-ta m’dears, YYLady

*images: white, bus stop, cupcake


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