J’adore la cuisine française

It is true, lovelies. I love French cooking. Today, I could not help, but pour my eyes over page after page of French dining. How unfortunately wonderful that my chemistry laboratory class finishes an hour early. How unfortunately wonderful that all I have to pass the time until chemistry lecture begins is a visit to the library. And, perhaps, some use of those computers…

You see, it is not entirely my fault. Left to my own devices, what else can a girl do? Especially when there exists such inspiring photographs, such as these. La Tourtine Gourmande, you speak to my sliver of French ancestry.

Actually, with a little thought today, I decided to pretend I had at my disposal such a baguette. Luckily, I endorse quality butter and an unsuspecting jar of huckleberry jam presented itself. You can guess how wonderful tea time was spent. Speaking of which, I highly highly recommend the concept of tea time, irregardless of your love for the leaf-

The practice of tea time is really a necessity – personal space where one can regain composure or relish the beautiful occurrence of a stress-free moment. Since I tend to have a love for the leafy drink, I generally enjoy some tea with this meditative part of my afternoon. With my wonderful French inspiration to lead my musing, I had an epiphany! (Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is certainly nothing short of divinely inspired…)

I must marry a French cook. Pensez-vous que vous pouvez m’aider? 😉

With a wink and a prayer, YYLady

*images: gaze, baguette, luscious, marry


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