What I Meant by Wrappers

Lunches this week needed to be slightly less on the carb factor. In vain effort to curb my love affair with sugar, I have made a point to remove many grains and replace them with greenery. One issue came to mind this past weekend while dealing with the remodel of a sandwich-

How to remake a nut butter sandwich. Since the internet knows all things, I went on the prowl for gluten-free sandwich alternatives and discovered the idea of wrapping! Rice paper wrappers for those favorite spring rolls ring a bell?

…and these fold so nicely too…

…when paired with a dash of cinnamon, these work out well with a fork and knife.

A simple solution to calm my sugary wants. Marvelous.

Time for trouble, the YYLady

*images: sugar queens, nanner bites, hounds


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