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Loves, this morning’s baguette could not be stopped. In one hand and out before the other could snap a picture. Pleasurable food seems to act that way. However, I do have pictures for you.

One mouth you might not realize you had is your skin

Like Mom would always say, your skin will be the first to tell on you. What you put onto it gets absorbed. From a less medical standpoint, this makes sense: how else could there be such a thing as clogged pores? Your skin obviously has had a case of indigestion when a polka dot appears on your face. If only these were cute!

In order to feed yourself well, it takes quality care. For me, this means lots of yummy plants, fruits, flowers, and food-grade essential oils. After all, a girl’s skin likes to dine five-star.

This leads up to a comparison of what I used to wear for fragrance. You may wonder, why fragrance? Skin care or make-up might seem more obvious, yes? Well, I think this is the point. Perfume, body mist, and the complimenting lotions all douse your skin on a regular basis, just like skincare.

Do not worry, loves. Transition is key, and throwing out all your perfume is not what I think necessary. Here I show my favorite fragrances:

Beautiful fragrances. Such a disappointment to find that these are not among my high dining standards. Regardless of the name brand, from Bath and Body Works to high end Burberry, the end goal of nourishing skin food means an honest judgement call. Though I j’adore such fragrances, here are the transitional products I discovered to replace them…

La Vanilla and L’Occitane both reflect what is, in my opinion, the best among fragrances and product. Cheap? You knew the answer- no. Outrageous? Not quite.

However you feel, I have a tip to help you stretch, without any reductions, the life of your perfume:

Not samples, either, loves.

Apply a sample-size dose of a tasty lotion to hydrate your skin where you would like to spray your perfume. This initial layer feeds your skin before the application of perfume and keeps you from re-applying. You use less product, and rarely replace the bottle. Once every 6 months I buy a new 1.7floz perfume. As for the 3.4floz I just bought today, I think I can assume I will wear it for the year, if not longer.

We only order “best”, YYLady

Side Note on Deodorant if Interest: My mother hosted a series of ill-luck with deodorant-induced cysts. Frankly, attempts at changing product, diet, and so much more over 40 years did nothing for her. Only after using La Vanilla product did these cysts cease to return (verging on 2 years now). To her joy and mine.

*images: sunrise makeup, asian model


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