Muesli Conquerer

Last night I spent one too many (ahem) hours debating the nutritional outlook for this week.

Frazzling. Towards the dawn of morning (yes, I started quite late at this game) I decided to throw it to the wind and not plan my last meal dilemma- breakfast. Pouring over muesli ideas left me desirous for a strong espresso with a small piece of toast in the morning…

No such thing- I recomposed and enjoyed a strong tea from Hong Kong instead. Jasmine never fails.

A late night and early rise to the store. I kidnapped a certain Man with me. The end results looked something like this:

4 bunches bok choy
2 yellow onions
1 green bell pepper
1lb baby bella mushrooms
~1lb green lentils
2 cans split pea soup
32oz sans MSG mushroom broth
8oz tomato sauce
6oz tomato paste
32oz plain, grass-fed goat kefir
yellow mustard
16oz frozen spinach
~1lb sunflower seeds
0.75lb raw almonds
~1lb coconut flakes
~1lb turkish apricots

All organic. All for $60. I am getting better at this.

To be fair, I am using garlic cloves and seasonings from home, as well as an extra head of romaine, a jar of sauerkraut and 6.4oz raw goat cheese from last week. My plans are to make a muesli-style breakfast (sans oats) with kefir, enjoy a vegan snobby joe with seasoned bok choy for lunches, and finish well with either split pea soup or mushroom-spinach cream soup and salad for dinner.

Scouring the store for a suitable muesli nearly killed my partner in crime. The (hardly) Little Man poured over failed box after failed box until we both agreed I needed to create my own.

A tropical combination of turkish apricots, coconut chips, almonds, and sunflower seeds will grace the table this week.

How do you enjoy dried fruits, nuts and seeds? A breakfast cookie perhaps? Any suggested combinations for a high protein, low sugar breakfast? Please chime in!

Time for more tea, YYLady

PS- A little something cute to add a golden glow to your summer Saturday…

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