Dreaming of a kitchen

My Williams and Sonoma Dream Kitchen:

a copper mixing bowl and wire whisk

glass and stainless measuring cups, spoons

2X copper saucepans, always with lids and maybe a frying pan

one extremely high quality chef’s knife

quintessential food scale

fruit and vegetable peeler

long grater – perfect for fruit zest, perfect for cheese

stainless spatula – no plastic please

bamboo utensils – vegetarian living

There is my basic dream list for the apartment I wish I lived in some days. Bakingware, of course, was left out. If allowed to dream, the list might never end!

What items do you see in your dream kitchen?

*images: bowl, measures, saucepot, knife, scale, peeler, grater, spatula, utensils


2 responses to “Dreaming of a kitchen

  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I love Williams Sonoma. I have found out though that you can have these things, get them for a great price and quality, IF you shop around. That’s how I’ve stocked my kitchen 🙂 I never had many of the things in this list, but gradually I’ve bought a few key pieces.

    • Absolutely welcome. Oh when the day to shop comes… I may not have any idea where to start! 🙂