Femme Experiments for Mankind

How I feel about writing papers for English today:

In the name of avoiding more revisions, I look to some interesting tea time news… Grocery Findings!

2 (Hopefully) Tantalizing Experimental Products:

xocolatl by Dagoba: dark chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne – sounds sexy, doesn’t it?

Crisp White & Dry White fermented sodas by Cascal: no wine? is fine.

Hopefully this July 4th holiday is looking wonderful for you. I have plans to donate a plethora of canned goods to the food bank since so many are needing. There are so many different mini-disasters happening out there, I think everyone would do well to offer support to those who might like a fourth of July better with a can or two extra to put on the table. Yes? All these extra cans may be found in your pantry if you look hard enough. I live week to week on my groceries, but my family does not. With permission, I managed to raid the pantry for a nice stash: soon-to-expire, excess, etc. types. You might be able to as well, with a little commotion and perhaps some work boots…?

My femmes, we too can be manly in boots. šŸ˜‰

Editorial, YYLady

*images: rollerblades, flag, xocolatl, bubbly, boots


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