Hello there, lovely! If you have ever attached a health label to yourself (low-carb, low-fat, vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, low glycemic index) believe me, we have common ground. If you have parents, family, or friends who thought you were crazy, we might even be friends on sight. Hahaha.

My food philosophy reflects a larger struggle of mine to treat myself right. This is why I write: to share tales about pleasure, eating, and the ability to balance both without giving up tea time. Please enjoy and chime in at your fancy!

Right NOW, I am…

Blogging. 21 and strawberry blonde. Enrolled and hopeful to graduate with a Rhodes or Marshall scholarship. Desirous for a future chock full of opportunities I am unafraid to take.

My Food Philosophy

No one should hate what they eat in the name of healthy, and no one should be feeding themselves hateful food to the loss of their health. Food should be understood as medicine, and as such, the sources of food require attentive respect. I put my money where my mouth is when it comes down to the source, or in other words, I make a point to purchase food with awareness as to its origins from start to finish. I encourage everyone else to do the same, because love, you are worth every effort.

Questions? Please write me at yadayadalady at gmail dot com or comments! I love comments.

*images: mask, unknown, ballet


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