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Chickpea Kale Curry Recipe

Sometimes, even in the summer, the comfort of warm food is appealing. How to achieve this sumptuous end without grilling in blazing heat? I present a warming recipe for comforting, detoxing luncheon:

Chickpea Curry with Kale – serves 4-5

1 head raw kale, chopped
2 large onions, chopped small
2 cloves garlic, chopped small
2 tablespoons coconut oil
10 cloves whole
1.5 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp cayenne
1 tsp celtic sea salt
1tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp cumin
15oz can Eden brand garbanzo beans (keep liquid)
1 c. chopped fresh cilantro (1/2 a bunch)

1. Have your vegetables chopped. Combine all spices in a small dish. Set aside.
2. Fry onion over medium heat in large deep skillet with lid, using oil, until soft.
3. Add garlic and spices, stirring constantly, for about a minute.
4. Pour all of chickpeas and liquid into the skillet, add all of kale, and cover. Turn temperature down to low. Stir every so often until the kale turn a bright deep green.
5. Once done, stir in cilantro. Serve to enjoy.

The end result should look rather becoming, and your house might smell wonderful too…

Wonderful way to spice up the menu and provide warming chewy food. Do note that the amount of onions is quite significant and that the spices are potent. Vary as you see fit for your tastes and please mention anything you prefer with the dish. Suggestions are always welcome company!

Cheers for the final haul…(exam tomorrow), YYLady

PS- No, I am not paid to mention any particular ingredient. In regards to Eden, I prefer there products exclusively since Eden is the only company I know of with BPA-free lining and proper soaking techniques before cooking their legumes. I would not recommend or use anything else for my own family, so I like to share only what I consider most healthy.

image: summer

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Tizzy with a Dash of Gluten free

My the time passes by! Since the weekend began, the flurry of activities have yet to stop.

Meanwhile, my sad little phone pictures will have to do as I spoil the weekly mealplan…

My Spunky Coconut Grain-free Cookbook arrived in the mail! These are the orange scones recipe, but a little ugly since I am working with a wee processor, not an actual FOOD PROCESSOR. 🙂 Moving does make things complicated.

The past two evenings I have enjoyed gluten-free matzo ball soup. Perfect comfort food for a week so jam-packed as this! Instead of using a simple broth, I made my own veggie stock, keeping the vegetables to add a little more bulk. Elana’s Pantry offers these fluffy matzo wonders in her recipe, which I recommend. Did you know you can freeze the batter into balls and then boil them as necessary? Perfect convenience food!

For the other meal ideas, I have made (but alas, not pictured) Palak Dahl for lunches, paired with a fantastic gluten free chip company, Food Should Taste Good. Last week I tried their Jalapeno chips, which I absolutely loved. These Blue Corn Dipping Chips are wonderful too.

You realize these are quite addictive and spicy… must!! Perfect solution for a salty tea time moment with roasted red pepper hummus. Mmmm…

Til we meet again, YYLady

*images: blow dry, chips

Ancho Lentil Tacos

Not the highest quality photo (I am reduced to camera phone and webcam at present), but a delicious gluten-free lunch addition!

I suppose I might mention what all will be gracing the screen this week, if I manage some more pictures:

Bfast: GF Zucchini Bread + Eggs
Lunch Options: Ancho Lentil Tacos or Nacho Supreme
Dinner Options: “Spicy” Zucchini Soup or Pumpkin Soup
*note that all options include some addition of greens or crunchy vegetables, and are gluten-free and vegetarian recipes

Yes, I am on a gluten-free diet at the moment. At first, I thought there might be a need for some testing to be sure and whatnot. However, after viewing an interview where an MD specialist described how gluten encourages autoimmune diseases to thrive, I thought- to heck with it! Feeling like I need a furnace to keep blood in my hands in the middle of a desert summer means I will do anything to naturally cure or assist my body. If you too suffer these things, I recommend reading more here about her work.

Marvelous 4th Wishes, YYLady

Beauties and the List

Sometimes, the dawn brings with it a wicked appetite. This morning certainly taught me the virtue of patience in light of hunger pains, but did not breakfast turn out lovely? In order to make perfectly boiled eggs (and by perfect, I mean scrumptious the first trial), I rely on this method. Marvelous.

Delightful and pretty, a wonderful way to begin the week. I will not lie and pretend the steam failed to keep my pretty little face alert this morning. I needed all the help I could get; certainly someone else has done this too?

Much like waking up this morning, I also felt like this week’s groceries commanded a head-palm- I realized this afternoon I did not even need the garlic for this week. Luckily, feelings like these are remedied with Sunday Afternoon Tea.

Grocery List:
12 eggs
20 rice wrappers
3 bananas
12T almond butter (16 oz jar)
6c + 8 leaves Butter lettuce (2 head)
6 apples
1c cilantro
chili garlic sauce (jar of dipping sauce)
1.5lb ground turkey
3T shallots (2)
1.3lb Red and Green BP (1 red, 2 green)
6oz raw goat cheese
12oz cremini/italian mushrooms (Baby Bella suffice)
312g frozen spinach
1 jar minced ginger
1 jar minced garlic

For this afternoon, the most amazing tea I know. After all, what good is comfort tea unless naturally sweetened by black licorice? (ha! en gaurde, sugar dear.)

One of the best teas and one you can rely on as a high quality gift. Unless the individual does not prefer a sweetened tea, this treat tops the list.

Until it’s tea for two, YYLady

*images: plane runner, tea

Coconut Curried Burro

Yesterday, I knew I wanted to post. I knew what I wanted to post about too.

Haha, then I passed out early (9pm) before I ever touched the blog. My wrong, lovelies. Here’s the reasons why:

6:15a – Good Lord! Why is chem lab so wicked early in the morning?? *sigh* Frying breakfast – means you have to keep your eyes open.

8:00a – Hmmm… our chem lab involves burning off ammonium chloride with a live fire? This could be a rather dangerous endeavor, given the circumstances. Oh well, here goes.

9:20a – Did not die lighting the burner with the infamous “striker” contraption. Check. Now to wait for the water to boil on the bunsen burner for part three of the experiment…

9:30a – …waiting…

9:40a – ….what on Earth….broken bunsen….

Chem lecture did not kill me off, and the 2 rounds of peanut butter fury smacked with grapes afterwards gave me the lift I needed after 4 hours of chemistry. In fact, I felt invigorated (adrenaline-activated) enough for a cycling class! Someone should have stopped me at that point. Hm hm hm.

Oh well. At least the butt-kicking cycle class (of a lifetime) counts as a victory for all things healthy exercise? Afterwards, I could not contain myself. Starving. Thankfully, I recalled the need for pictures:

I realize this is not the most attractive-looking image. However, it serves as the perfect example of food affectionately known for taste, not appearance, aka delicious mush. This mush has a recipe, so if you happen to be a creamy curry-mush-lover: click here to enjoy this recipe

After getting up early, the brain-drained, booty-kicked me fell asleep before handing off the promised photo and recipe. I lost in favor of sleep. There you have it loves. Now I am off to yoga and night class!

Affectionately Yours, YYLady

Tell me YOUR fave mystery dish or what your curry story!

*images: egg, bicycle

Have You Met Rachel?

Looks like a mad science experiment in the kitchen, right? One might ask where the electro-shock machine is hiding, given the mysterious plug outlet.

No worries, darling. This is merely the makings of a beautiful twin to the Reuben sandwich. Ever heard of the Rachel??

How to Make Up a Rachel Sandwich:

—sprouted bread—
2oz beef pastrami
slice of grass-fed swiss
—sprouted bread—

Make sure to toast this in a skillet with a smidge of quality butter before you serve with your other fermented favorite- the kosher dill pickle! Noting my diet preferences, there is a need for another vegetable: I pick… the carrot. Definitely a winner lunch menu. Originally, I wanted to make Reubens, but no corned beef at Giado’s for the next two weeks. (Awww) 2oz of pastrami it is! My fridge testifies to this purchase, since the whole thing smells like pastrami. Most likely because I have no shmancy deli drawer.

Someday, I will be rich enough to have that deli drawer.

Until then, enjoy a wonderful Sunday afternoon- YYLady