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Cascal & Xocolatl Review

Been balancing an act of study and tea time lately. With a 5 week last hurrah of 4 summer courses all piled on top of one another, it is full on. I have not failed to sample all of my experimental concoctions this week…

Review for Cascal Crisp White:

This one was my favorite. Do expect a sour/bitter kombucha-esque flavor, similar to that of other fermented beverages. This is not a coke. However, there is a sweet fruit essence, roughly 30-40% of the total flavor. Very nice. I think I would get this again in the possible future.

Review for Fine Dry:

Obviously, this would then be the least favorite. I anticipated a stronger fruity flavor, but sipping proved the opposite. It did not feel as crisp and fresh to me. I would prefer to try other flavors before purchasing this one again.

Review for Dagoba Xocolatl:

Ohh my gracious. What a fabulous inkling purchase this was. Perfectly spicy and chocolatey. More spice than chocolate, in case you wondered what my preferences are. Definitely something to purchase again and again in the future for those who, like me, adore the cinnamon cayenne chocolate.

Next week, perhaps there will be more recipe reviews to add! Until then…YYLady

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