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Lemon Surprises for Tomorrow

OH what a week and it has yet to finish! Luckily, there are wonderful things happening, like the Little Man’s birthday tomorrow!!

To create a lovely lemon surprise for his birthday, some almonds and cashews required salt-water soaking and then some oven dehydrating.

With a little impromptu coercion, I managed to shock both my parents into appreciation for the soaked, and dehydrated nut. Luckily, I had the raw counterparts available to provide a taste reference for the two of them. My dad mentioned his distaste for nuts in general, but found he liked the raw organic almond I handed him. Well, alright. A start.

HOWEVER, once he tried the prepared almond, he opened his eyes wide and tried to come up with a flavor comparison, ending with a shortbread wafer. Recall, this is my dad. If he “likes” a dish, I can usually manage a head nod and shoulder shrug. Not once have I had such a reaction. Not even with the hand-kneaded cinnamon rolls. These are definitely worth a try, my dears. My resource for accomplishing nut soaking/dehydrating appropriately can be found here. I find Mrs. Harris to be a wonderful cook and resource.

Today, outside of working the oven and taking care of chemistry quizzes, I finally managed to write back to my dear friend D, currently stationed at Land’s End for internship. While writing, I envisioned where I thought the best letter conversations might be had in person…

A discussion over teacake and milk would be lovely…

A lounging beach view might suite certain conversation…

Surrounding art, in any form, really unlocks a meaningful exchange of ideas…

…and an occasion to attend never hurt the situation either.

Where do you imagine a perfect conversation among close girlfriends? Any inspiring places? Share yours below loves.

Floating off to sleep now, YYLady

*images: almonds, picnic, beachside gossip, talking art, masquerade