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Delightfully Delicious Whole Foods

My my my! I am in the midst of a moving household, but the beauty of it is my exams take priority. Translate that last phrase into: no packing, no personal fuss. My family can move out until Monday evening, when I will have the official pleasure to join. (a touch of sarcasm)

In the meantime, I threw my hands in the air over a single meal and double meal recipe for the week. Simplicity, you elude me.

Off to the market I went- frozen dinners? Well, em, hmm… A quick glance at my bill and the fates decided- I gleefully whisked myself over to the splurge of a lifetime: Whole Foods prepared bliss! I literally eyed the entire case slowly (it may have been large… the attending woman might have followed me all the way around it). For some reason, the meals this week required little spending. Apparently the fates voted for a feast with my remainder change!

My first selection: Ginger glazed beets

I completely understand the absurd price for this ruby delight- have you ever tried to properly skin a cooked beet? No? Spare yourself, and tell the cookbook to julienne the mess itself, lovelies.

My second prize: Eggplant, Dried Tomato, Bell Pepper Vinaigrette

Superb, light, and slightly chewy. Sun-dried tomatoes add such flavor…

My final giddy selection: Butternut Squash w Caramelized Onions

Simply sweet bliss. Rarely have I eaten the blessed thing, but every time I do I cannot help but smile through caramelized lips.

Only this beautiful galette may have reached a higher perfection:

Ideas, ideas, no? 😉

What might have saved my spending tab? Here is my grocery list:

2 zucchini
2 heads rainbow chard
2 bunches kale
1 yellow summer squash
2 green bell peppers
1 bunch cilantro
1 jalapeno
3 onions
1 Eden can each: garbanzo, black bean, and kidney
28oz fire-roasted tomatoes
6oz can tomato paste
32oz straight cranberry juice
32oz German mineral sparkling water
1 Amy’s frozen dinner

You probably suppose there exists a chili recipe in the making. A rainbow vegetable chili recipe, actually. For lunches, a nice chickpea curry with kale and for breakfast, refrigerator/pantry clean-out: equal amounts almonds and cashews with a cranberry zinger to toast the morning. Nothing like some nonsense to pair with mayhem.

Oh, the mayhem.

Take care to take tea, YYLady

*images: ballerina, beets, eggplant, butternut squash, galette, sigh


Tizzy with a Dash of Gluten free

My the time passes by! Since the weekend began, the flurry of activities have yet to stop.

Meanwhile, my sad little phone pictures will have to do as I spoil the weekly mealplan…

My Spunky Coconut Grain-free Cookbook arrived in the mail! These are the orange scones recipe, but a little ugly since I am working with a wee processor, not an actual FOOD PROCESSOR. 🙂 Moving does make things complicated.

The past two evenings I have enjoyed gluten-free matzo ball soup. Perfect comfort food for a week so jam-packed as this! Instead of using a simple broth, I made my own veggie stock, keeping the vegetables to add a little more bulk. Elana’s Pantry offers these fluffy matzo wonders in her recipe, which I recommend. Did you know you can freeze the batter into balls and then boil them as necessary? Perfect convenience food!

For the other meal ideas, I have made (but alas, not pictured) Palak Dahl for lunches, paired with a fantastic gluten free chip company, Food Should Taste Good. Last week I tried their Jalapeno chips, which I absolutely loved. These Blue Corn Dipping Chips are wonderful too.

You realize these are quite addictive and spicy… must!! Perfect solution for a salty tea time moment with roasted red pepper hummus. Mmmm…

Til we meet again, YYLady

*images: blow dry, chips

Cascal & Xocolatl Review

Been balancing an act of study and tea time lately. With a 5 week last hurrah of 4 summer courses all piled on top of one another, it is full on. I have not failed to sample all of my experimental concoctions this week…

Review for Cascal Crisp White:

This one was my favorite. Do expect a sour/bitter kombucha-esque flavor, similar to that of other fermented beverages. This is not a coke. However, there is a sweet fruit essence, roughly 30-40% of the total flavor. Very nice. I think I would get this again in the possible future.

Review for Fine Dry:

Obviously, this would then be the least favorite. I anticipated a stronger fruity flavor, but sipping proved the opposite. It did not feel as crisp and fresh to me. I would prefer to try other flavors before purchasing this one again.

Review for Dagoba Xocolatl:

Ohh my gracious. What a fabulous inkling purchase this was. Perfectly spicy and chocolatey. More spice than chocolate, in case you wondered what my preferences are. Definitely something to purchase again and again in the future for those who, like me, adore the cinnamon cayenne chocolate.

Next week, perhaps there will be more recipe reviews to add! Until then…YYLady

*images: balancing, cascal crisp white, cascal fine dry, Dagoba xocolatl, bicycle

Muesli Conquerer

Last night I spent one too many (ahem) hours debating the nutritional outlook for this week.

Frazzling. Towards the dawn of morning (yes, I started quite late at this game) I decided to throw it to the wind and not plan my last meal dilemma- breakfast. Pouring over muesli ideas left me desirous for a strong espresso with a small piece of toast in the morning…

No such thing- I recomposed and enjoyed a strong tea from Hong Kong instead. Jasmine never fails.

A late night and early rise to the store. I kidnapped a certain Man with me. The end results looked something like this:

4 bunches bok choy
2 yellow onions
1 green bell pepper
1lb baby bella mushrooms
~1lb green lentils
2 cans split pea soup
32oz sans MSG mushroom broth
8oz tomato sauce
6oz tomato paste
32oz plain, grass-fed goat kefir
yellow mustard
16oz frozen spinach
~1lb sunflower seeds
0.75lb raw almonds
~1lb coconut flakes
~1lb turkish apricots

All organic. All for $60. I am getting better at this.

To be fair, I am using garlic cloves and seasonings from home, as well as an extra head of romaine, a jar of sauerkraut and 6.4oz raw goat cheese from last week. My plans are to make a muesli-style breakfast (sans oats) with kefir, enjoy a vegan snobby joe with seasoned bok choy for lunches, and finish well with either split pea soup or mushroom-spinach cream soup and salad for dinner.

Scouring the store for a suitable muesli nearly killed my partner in crime. The (hardly) Little Man poured over failed box after failed box until we both agreed I needed to create my own.

A tropical combination of turkish apricots, coconut chips, almonds, and sunflower seeds will grace the table this week.

How do you enjoy dried fruits, nuts and seeds? A breakfast cookie perhaps? Any suggested combinations for a high protein, low sugar breakfast? Please chime in!

Time for more tea, YYLady

PS- A little something cute to add a golden glow to your summer Saturday…

*images: frazzled, tea time, breakfast, fishes

J’adore la cuisine française

It is true, lovelies. I love French cooking. Today, I could not help, but pour my eyes over page after page of French dining. How unfortunately wonderful that my chemistry laboratory class finishes an hour early. How unfortunately wonderful that all I have to pass the time until chemistry lecture begins is a visit to the library. And, perhaps, some use of those computers…

You see, it is not entirely my fault. Left to my own devices, what else can a girl do? Especially when there exists such inspiring photographs, such as these. La Tourtine Gourmande, you speak to my sliver of French ancestry.

Actually, with a little thought today, I decided to pretend I had at my disposal such a baguette. Luckily, I endorse quality butter and an unsuspecting jar of huckleberry jam presented itself. You can guess how wonderful tea time was spent. Speaking of which, I highly highly recommend the concept of tea time, irregardless of your love for the leaf-

The practice of tea time is really a necessity – personal space where one can regain composure or relish the beautiful occurrence of a stress-free moment. Since I tend to have a love for the leafy drink, I generally enjoy some tea with this meditative part of my afternoon. With my wonderful French inspiration to lead my musing, I had an epiphany! (Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is certainly nothing short of divinely inspired…)

I must marry a French cook. Pensez-vous que vous pouvez m’aider? 😉

With a wink and a prayer, YYLady

*images: gaze, baguette, luscious, marry

Beauties and the List

Sometimes, the dawn brings with it a wicked appetite. This morning certainly taught me the virtue of patience in light of hunger pains, but did not breakfast turn out lovely? In order to make perfectly boiled eggs (and by perfect, I mean scrumptious the first trial), I rely on this method. Marvelous.

Delightful and pretty, a wonderful way to begin the week. I will not lie and pretend the steam failed to keep my pretty little face alert this morning. I needed all the help I could get; certainly someone else has done this too?

Much like waking up this morning, I also felt like this week’s groceries commanded a head-palm- I realized this afternoon I did not even need the garlic for this week. Luckily, feelings like these are remedied with Sunday Afternoon Tea.

Grocery List:
12 eggs
20 rice wrappers
3 bananas
12T almond butter (16 oz jar)
6c + 8 leaves Butter lettuce (2 head)
6 apples
1c cilantro
chili garlic sauce (jar of dipping sauce)
1.5lb ground turkey
3T shallots (2)
1.3lb Red and Green BP (1 red, 2 green)
6oz raw goat cheese
12oz cremini/italian mushrooms (Baby Bella suffice)
312g frozen spinach
1 jar minced ginger
1 jar minced garlic

For this afternoon, the most amazing tea I know. After all, what good is comfort tea unless naturally sweetened by black licorice? (ha! en gaurde, sugar dear.)

One of the best teas and one you can rely on as a high quality gift. Unless the individual does not prefer a sweetened tea, this treat tops the list.

Until it’s tea for two, YYLady

*images: plane runner, tea